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Mold Remediation & Mold Cleanup

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In addition to water damage restoration, emergency water removal, water extraction and dry out services we also provide Mold Remediation Services.
There are many varieties of mold that could affect your home. Mold can pose a number of problems in your household. Aside from being a health hazard mold can cause physical damage to your property; for example it can weaken your home’s foundation amongst other problems. Cendecon provides expert mold removal services and we guarantee all of our work. Our crews take all necessary precautions not to spread mold spores to other areas in your home by setting up decontamination chambers and using the proper tools and equipment to eradicate your mold problem.
Firstly, we will identify the source of the moisture if it remains unknown as this is was is causing mold to grow. It is extremely important to identify the cause of the mold before a removal process is done otherwise mold might come back at a later time.
Mold needs moisture to grow and usually, the moisture comes from water that leaks from broken pipes or faucets. Our specialists will look for the source of the moisture and remedy it before they begin the mold remediation process.
Our specialists come up with the best plan of attack to eliminate all traces of mold. Unfortunately, in severe cases we may have to remove sections of your flooring, walls, cabinets etc. We will always to eradicate the mold problem with as little demolition as possible, but we are also very thorough and we guarantee our work – so we take all necessary measures to ensure the mold is actually gone and the source is correctly handled.
There are instances where a mold damage problem can be solved with the use of just chemicals and tools. We strive to use environmentally responsible chemicals approved by the EPA which are safe to use in your home. Different types of mold will require different types of treatments. Black mold is considered one of the worst possible types of mold which could greatly affect your property and your health.
Because most mold will begin to grown in areas that are not easily visible to the naked eye, it is advised that you use a licensed and trained Mold Remediation Specialist. For instance, mold can grow inside your walls, under your floor boards etc. We have the necessary tools required to determine and gauge the extent the of mold damage in your home.
Part of the proper remediation process is preventing future occurrence by inadvertently spreading mold spores while doing the decontamination. We set up decontamination chambers where we run special remediation and restoration equipment, including but not limited to HEPA air filtration systems to clean the air while we work. You might think you can scrub and/or just cut out the affected area but in reality without the proper training and equipment you’ll only send the mold spores airborne.
The final step in handling a mold problem is proper disposal of contaminated items. Our specialists will actually haul and dispose of the affected materials properly.
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Our crew is highly trained and experienced in the bidding, removal procedure and billing process of Mold Remediation. We work with insurance companies and have the same pricing software that they use so we never have problems dealing with insurance companies. We have worked with insurance companies large and small.
Weather you have a hoarding issue or not we are able to help with your mold remediation job. We are available 24 hours a day for any emergency water damage situation you might be dealing with.
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